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A sparkling program that infects and carries the audience away brings the playful folk band Colludie Stone onto the stage. The active and successful group has been known in southern Germany and beyond for over 10 years, and their very own musical signature is now unmistakable. It guarantees authentic Irish-Celtic folk with traditional instrumentation. A wide range of Irish folk instruments are used, from which the musicians coax a wide range of sounds. With noticeable love and great enthusiasm, the four musicians perform a variety of songs, tunes and ballads. They often reinterpret traditional pieces with their own arrangements, and when mixed with modern songs, the program becomes a musical treat. The musicians ensure moments of deep connection with the world and the rhythm of the land of the lush green meadows. The extremely active and creative musicians are now enjoying success with this.

Two previously released CDs - "Native Land" (2015) and "Streetwise" (2019) received top reviews in the relevant press. So the group is certified "not only in terms of playing technique, but also in terms of sound of a very high level" (Celtic Rock Radio).  


  The musician magazine “Folker” reviews the first CD “Native Land” in one issue and states: “Music that builds tension between traditional melodies and tricky arrangements. There are experts at work! "


That  second album by the Swabian Irish Trad band inspires the friend of lively Irish and Scottish music at the same time. Fast, somewhat tricky tunes alternate with ballads.  (Musician magazine: Folker)




2018 TV appearance on ARD / SWR!

On Tour

Streetwise tour  2021/2022

➲ 07/08/2021  |  20.30  |  Open Air |  74363 Güglingen | German Court | Info |   Tickets

➲ 07/12/2021  |  7.30 p.m. |  Biennale | 71063 Sindelfingen |  Info |  Tickets

➲ 07/16/2021  |  -----     |  Concert, not public | Leonberg

➲ 07/23/2021  | 20th  Clock |   Courtyard of the old seminar gym | 72202 Nagold |  Open Air | Tickets

➲18.09.2021  | 9 p.m. | Folkival 2021 |  72622 Nürtingen | info
➲ October 29, 2021  | 8 p.m. | Kunstvereinskeller | 70734 Fellbach |
02/12/2022  | 8 p.m. | Wurmbergkeller | 74394 Hessigheim | info 
03/12/2022  | 8 p.m. | Philosophenkeller "Culture in Philo"   | 74595 Langenburg |   info 
03/17/2022  | 8 p.m. | Town house |  70567 Stuttgart-Möhringen | info
➲ April 8th, 2022  | 7.30 p.m. | Forum center | 71332 Waiblingen |
05/14/2022  | 8 p.m. |  Happy Nix | 89143 Blaubeuren |
➲t bc *         | 8:00 pm  Clock | Castle cellar | 88605 Messkirch | 
07/09/2022  | 8:00 pm  Clock | Kirchberg / Murr  | Open air |
tbc *         | 8 p.m.  | Hammer forge | 72108 Rottenburg am Neckar |
11/12/2022  | 8 p.m. | Village barn | 72072 Tübingen - Kilchberg |
11/18/2022  | 7.30 p.m. | Glockenkinder | 71394 Kernen - Stetten |
11/19/2022  | 8 p.m. | Rentamtkeller | 71570 Oppenweiler |
tbc * = to be confirmed  (not yet confirmed) Dates will be updated shortly!
Was standing:  Nov 2020

Music / CDs

"Streetwise" 2019

We proudly present our 2nd album 

with four wonderful ballads and rousing songs. In addition, eight traditional and modern tunes edited by us, sometimes to dream, sometimes to dance.

The present CD reaches a very high level not only in terms of playing technique, but also in terms of sound.

"native land" 2015

Debut album by a Swabian Irish folk quartet with five songs and seven finer tunes. More like music for tea time than for a loud pub party that builds tension between traditional melodies and intricate arrangements.

There are experts at work, which you can see in the lavishly designed booklet.

Review of the Folker magazine

This brilliant and virtuoso album, which also contains dreamy and melancholy tracks, cannot be missing in any folk CD collection. The overall quality of the CD is very high and the interplay is impressive. Rarely do we hear an album with such a good and varied concept - all those involved deserve great praise!


If you want a "real" CD in your hands, you can

  our  Albums or CDs  "Streetwise" and  

Order the debut album "native land" here.  


Price for a CD 15.00 €, plus 2.00 € shipping, so 17 € 

or both CDs for € 25 plus € 2.00 shipping, so a total of € 27


We only ship after prior transfer to our  Account or Paypal.  


Account: Colludie Stone

  • IBAN: DE73600901001181765099




Please send an email to

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with your address and your CD request. You will then shortly receive a confirmation of your order!


After receipt of payment we will send your CD (s)  immediately.



Colludie Stone at the Y-Burg Kernen - Kulturkanal
Colludie Stone on SWR television
Colludie Stone on SWR television
Colludie Stone with CARA


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